Friday, November 14, 2008

Ministry Begins at Ivankiv Orphanage...

Andrew and Jenny Kelly moved to Ivankiv in late April of this year to build a Christian camp for orphans. Through their relationships with local church members, Andrew and Jenny were introduced to contacts at the the local orphanage.

The orphanage in Ivankiv is rather small compared to most in Ukraine. It is home to 40 children, split evenly (at the current time) between 20 boys and 20 girls. The children are also NOT schooled at the orphanage, instead they are incorporated into the local Kindergarten and grade school system. This is not the usual way orphans are educated.

The front of the orphanage in Ivankiv, Ukraine.

This is the bedroom for the younger children at the orphanage.

One of the bathrooms at the orphanage.

This week, Andrew and Jenny, along with Dr. Jeff & Donna Crain, missionaries in Kiev, Ukraine, visited the orphanage to begin making plans for full-time ministry to the children there. They met with orphanage director, Galina Vasilevna, and she was VERY open to Jeremiah's Hope coming on a weekly basis to hold Bible studies/discussion groups with the children. Please be praying about this new ministry opportunity!

Jeff & Donna Crain, Jenny Kelly and Galina Vasilevna

Friday, November 7, 2008

Quarterly Birthday Party at Ugligorsk Orphanage...

Yesterday, Tanya, along with TLC residents Julia and Marina spent the day celebrating with 54 children who had their birthdays in October and November at the orphange in Ugligorsk. Of that number, 15 were younger children and 39 were older.

The spent the day being a blessing the kids. They came bringing birthday cakes and drinks for the festivities. They also gave each of the kids a small birthday gift. The girls got a small stuffed animal. The younger boys received a hot-wheels car and the older boys received a chocolate bar.

For most of us, this does not seem like much, but for these children, this is probably the only acknowledgement of their birthday.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

TLC Kids Receive a Great Gift...

This week, the kids living in the TLC received a great gift. A box arrived from a donor in Florida containing BRAND NEW winter coats and school backpacks full of supplies. The kids have never received such nice coats. They will be warm when they are walking to trade school through the winter.