Thursday, June 25, 2009

Meet Ruslan Tkachenko...

Ruslan Tkachenko was born in Mariupol, Ukraine on March 9, 1994. Ruslan has lived in our transitional living center since October 2008 when the Social Services Department in Mariupol asked us to take him and his younger brother into our care.

Ruslans parents lost their parental rights due to heavy drinking and child neglect. His father was fired in 1999 because he missed work. He hasn't worked since. His mom has never worked telling everybody she was taking care of the children and did not have time to work. Ruslan and his younger brother lived with their parents and their grandma who was also a drunkard.

Ruslan has finished the 7th grade and started going to a Sailor's Club at school and really enjoys it. Now he will have the opportunity to go to a Sailor's College in Sevastopol, Ukraine following his 9th grade year of school.

Ruslan will be living in the transitional living center for 2 years and needs a sponsor (or a couple of sponsors). Would you consider helping sponsor this young man?