Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New House Parents for the TLC...

Meet Valik and Anya - our new House Parents!

Valik and Anya joined our staff at the beginning of the month as our House Parents at the TLC in Mariupol. Valik is a long-time member of the Left Bank Church of Christ in Mariupol and Anya has been a member of another congregation near Donetsk. They were married this fall and togehter have been pursuing opportunities to minister to orphans. With the kids at the TLC knowing Valik so well from church and Anya's previous experience working at orphanages teaching Bible lessons and doing outreach, it seemed like a perfect fit. We welcome Valik and Anya to our staff.

Valik and Anya will be replacing Alexandra and Sveta who had been taking turns serving as House Moms. They both feel they could no longer keep up with the teenagers and most especially the boys! We love and adore both Alexandra and Sveta and appreciate their amazing service to the kids and the Lord this past year!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ruslans Baptism...

Ruslan is a young teenager who has been living at the Transitional Living Center in Mariupol for several months. Ruslan was placed with us by the city Social Services office while they determine what is in his best interest.

What is in Ruslans best interest? A relationship with Jesus Christ! After several months of attending worship and studying with Gennady (one of the preachers in Mariupol), Ruslan decided that he DID want a relationship with Jesus and he was baptized on November 30th. Vanya Moroz, a graduate from our TLC, assisted Gennady with the baptism.

Gennady talking about Ruslans new walk after his baptism.

Gennady presenting Ruslan with a Bible.