Monday, August 22, 2011

Misha Needs YOUR Support...

Misha Dermelyov was born June 9th, 1997 in Uglegorsk, Ukraine. Due to birth complications, he had surgery at just 10 days old to repair his stomach. Due to this, he is classified by the Ukrainian government as disabled (even though he is a very healthy, active, young man).

Nothing is known of Misha's father. His mother died 3 years ago from a heart attack. Misha had two older sisters born in 1985 and 1988. Misha lived with the oldest sister. In 2010 his sister died from a heart attack and the second sister died a couple of months later. Misha was sent to a shelter in Yenakiyevo.

It was here at this shelter where our ministry team first met Misha. Tanya, our administrator, was asked to pick him up and take him to the orphanage in August or September last year. Since then Misha has lived in the orphanage in Mariupol and has come to the church on Sunday with other orphanage kids.

He likes to play soccer, computer games and watch TV. He can embroider well.

Would YOU be willing to help support Misha as he continues his education at a trade school and lives in our transitional living center? To support Misha, contact us at

Yana Needs YOUR Support...

Yana Senyak was born on October 31, 1995 in Mariupol, Ukraine. She lived most of her life with her mother as the identity of her father is unknown. In 2007, her mother died and an aunt took guardianship over her for two years but could no longer take care of Yana. in 2009, Yana went to the orphanage in Mariupol.

Yana is an average student. She likes sports, singing and dancing. She is enrolled in a trade school and will be studying to become a crane operator.

At this time we have 0 support for Yana. Would you consider helping support her with a gift of $25, $50 or $75 a month? If you would like to help meet this need, contact us at

* It costs Jeremiah's Hope an average of $300 per month to meet the physical and material needs of the teens who live in our transitional living center.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Sasha Project" Kids Receive School Supply Kits...

Yesterday, Jenny began her fall visits to the children who are a part of our "Sasha Project." This year, we have over 80 children registered as a part of the "Sasha Project." With the new school year fast approaching, we began the visits by delivering school supplies to the children. Thanks to the generosity of Northside Church of Christ in San Antonio, TX, we were able to give each child a full set of school supplies to help them begin their new year!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ira & Nastya from the TLC Are Baptized...

We rejoice with Ira and Nastya on their decision to become Christians and be baptized last Saturday! Andrew Kelly, missionary, had the pleasure of baptizing them at camp. Praising God for His salvation of these amazing girls!

Andrew taking confession from Nastya and Ira before their baptisms.

Andrew baptizing Nastya.

Andrew congratulating Ira after her baptism.

Everyone together, down at the pond, after the baptisms.