Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why We Do What We Do...

Today, I was reminded again why Jenny and I feel strongly called to our ministry among the orphans and at-risk youth of Ukraine...

During July, we were blessed to host a week of camp for children served by our local Department of Social Services. Many of these children from homes ravaged by alcohol, abuse, neglect and poverty. Many of the kids were hard to work with because their social situations had hardened them so much. However, these kids were probably the most receptive to the lessons we were trying to teach about a "loving Father." For the past week, Jenny has been going into the villages with a team and a social worker to "visit" the children in their homes, meet their families, check on them and deliver school backpacks and school supplies donated by children at the Monterrey Church of Christ in Lubbock, Texas.

Yesterday, they went to one home where the father was deligerent and mom just cowered and would not speak, she was terriffied of him. There were 5 kids in the home. An 11 year old boy had serious burns on his palms and was not wearing pants or underwear. His bottom was blistered and burned. Jenny asked what had happend and the dad scoffed and said that he was bad so, he taught him a lesson and turned on the gas stove and put the kid on it to teach him a lesson in obedience. Burned his bottom and the kid reached to brace himself and put his hands on the burners and burned his palms.

Jenny and the social worker tried to take the child, but the father threatened them and threw the boy in the house. So, when they left, the social worker spent almost 8 hours calling police until they finally answered the phone at nearly 2 AM.

We went to social services today to drop off formula and stuff for some babies in need in some other villages. While there, we got an update on the boy. Dad is in jail today and the boy is in the hospital. Of course, there is no one to care for the boy. His family is 40 kiloometers away and the hospital only serves a broth twice a day. So, we took him some yogurt, bread, cheese, sausage, cookies, chips, juice and water. We also bought him a few books and took him a spare James Fund teddy bear. Will take him food every day for the next 10 days cause his mother is unable to do it. Tomorrow, we will take him a picture Bible from EEM (Eastern European Missions)

The family is dirt poor. The house is a shanty. So, maybe while dad is in jail, we will get up there and take a food parcel to the family, pray with them and help bring HOPE IN THE DARKNESS!

Please be praying for healing for Sasha. Both physically and emotionally. Pray also for his mother, for strength to endure.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Teens Need Your Support to Succeed in Life...

Irina Kalashnik - No Sponsors Yet!
Born: 10/19/1993

Irina came to the orphanage in 2002 when her mother lost her parental rights. She has no idea who her father is. She has 2 brothers and 2 sisters.

She likes sports and music. She dreams of becomming a translator one day.

Irina will study at the trade school to become an electrician.

Marina Miroshnik - 1 partial sponsor = 1/2 support!
Born: 17/08/1994

Marina and her younger sister both camp to the orphanage in 2007 when their parents lost their parental rights.

Marina likes embroidering and music. She also loves the idea of becomming a hair dresser in the future.

She will study electrical stuff in the school first and then hopes to study hair dressing.

Sergey Burikov - 3 Partial Sponsors = Fully Supported!!!
Born: 30/07/1994

Sergey came to the orphanage in 2002 when his mother disappeared. Sergey has no knowledge of who his father is.

He is a good student and enjoys all kinds of sports.

He plans to study welding in our local trade school.

Nastya Labendik - 3 Partial Sponsors = 3/4 support!
Born: 06/12/1994
Nastya spent two years living in our transitional living center several years ago following the death of her parents. She has no siblings, but is close to a grandmother who lives close to the orphanage and our TLC. Nastya loves playing Ping Pong and holds regional records in the sport.

Nastya will study to be an electrician at a local trade school.

Nastya Savchenko - No Sponsors Yet!
Born: 26/06/1994

Nastya was brought to the orphanage in 2004 when her mother died. Her father is in prison and she has 2 brothers and 4 sisters.

Nastya likes sports and dreams about one day being a translator.

She will study to be an electrician at our local trade school.

Vitaly Ruetov - 1 Half Sponsor = 1/2 support
Born: 01/10/1994

Vitaly came to the orphanage in August of 2009 when his father passed away. His mother has lost her parental rights by court decision. He has 2 younger siblings and 2 older siblings.

He enjoys volleyball and basketball.

Vitaly will study to be a welder.