Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ugligorsk School Supplies Delivery & Quarterly Birthday Party...

Today, Tanya (JH Administrator in Mariupol) and Anya (former TLC resident) went to the orphanage in Uglegorsk. This has become a quarterly trip for Tanya and a project which she really enjoys. This trip was not only for the quarterly birthday party, but also to deliver notebooks, pens and drawing paper for the new school year.

After delivering the school supplies, they hosted a birthday party for 20 kids (grades 3-6) who had their birthdays during the time of June 16 to August 28. The party included time doing activities together and then sitting at the table enjoying cakes, bananas and soft drinks together. There were only 2 girls in this group and they got soft animals. The boys got all kinds of toy cars. They also brought chocolate bars and beanie babies for 39 older kids who celebrated their birthdays.

Some of the boys unloading the school notebooks from the car
and carrying them into the orphanage.

Enjoying their small birthday feast together!