Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Prayer Needs...

Starting today, we are going to start posting monthly prayer needs for Jeremiah's Hope. We hope you will print these needs out, put them in your Bible or tape them to your fridge and remember to pray for these needs all month. Thanks in advance!

Prayer Needs for Transitional Living Center
  • Pray for the teens as they complete the remainder of this semester of their studies. Pray that they will focus on learning the material and for those doing their internships in the factories.
  • Pray for Misha (14 years old) who lives at the Mariupol orphanage and spends weekends and holidays living at the TLC. Pray that God would raise up a family willing to adopt this young man, who already loves you, and raise him in a Christian home.
  • Pray for continued spiritual growth in the lives of those who are Christians in the TLC.
Prayer Needs for Sasha Project Kids
  • Pray for our "Teen Girls Retreat" coming up the weekend of March 9-11. Two of our interns from ACU (last summer) are coming to Ukraine to do this retreat and share with these young ladies about how rich the Fathers love is for them and how He desires a relationship with them.
  • Pray for Natasha (16) as she has made some poor decisions recently and is now pregnant. She also has lice. Pray for God to work in her life and that she will desire to carry this baby to term and for support as she makes decisions about where her life is going next.
  • Pray for Olha and Kolya who have dropped out of school (9th grade and 8th grade) because of no parental support or involvement in their lives. They are discouraged and seem to be giving up. Pray that we can encourage them to return to school so that they have the skills to survive. Pray also, that this might be an opportunity to further share Jesus Christ with them!
Prayer Needs for the Camp
  • Praises to God for Sergei and Sveta Borodulin, our co-workers here at the camp. Pray that God would continue to strengthen their new marriage (married in October) and that their ministry will continue to grow as they serve together.
  • Pray for the completion of our new building. We are waiting for the snow to melt and temperatures to rise so we can complete the interior of the building. We hope to finish it by June 1st.
  • Pray for this upcoming summer and all 7 of the camps we have planned. Pray for the teams (over 70 Americans, Australians and Dutchmen) who will be coming to serve as various times during the summer.
Kolentsi Church Plant
  • Pray for the new church which is meeting here at the camp. There are about a dozen, from our village, who gather on Thursday evening and Sunday evening for study and worship.
  • Pray for the evangelists from the Obolon Church of Christ, in Kiev, who are leading this church plant. Pray that God would speak through them and that they would BOLDLY proclaim the Gospel!
  • Pray for our Evangelism Seminar which will take place from March 26-29 here at the camp.
General Prayer Needs
  • Pray for the new Rescue Shelter, which we hope to open in the summer for at-risk youth.
  • Pray for Gods continued provision of our ministry needs.
  • Pray that God will continue to make himself known among the orphans and at-risk youth of Ukraine!

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